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Other certificate related pages.

Root certificates

Services in use in HIIT typically use certificates signed by the following certificate authorities. Almost all services are signed by TERENA. Unfortunately root certificates of these authorities are not always present in devices in use, instead, we need to install those root certificates ourselves.


From the TERENA's TCS Repository chapter "Server Certificate CA" install the following three (3) certificates:

  • AddTrust External CA Root
  • UTN-USERFirst-Hardware

University of Helsinki (HYAD-CA)

Used in very few services maybe primarily on eduroam.
  • ROOT crt pem
    Serial number: 18 94 9a 52 a5 56 e1 a2 45 03 1c ef 7c 1e 08 3d
    Thumbprint: bd 48 a3 4c 2b 12 3f f8 bc 2e 5b f0 a9 d6 14 59 73 e4 4d 7e
  • ISSUING crt pem
    Serial number: 61 1e f4 8f 00 00 00 00 00 03
    Thumbprint: 2f bd f3 b1 88 2a 72 b3 ce 6e a8 66 6d 27 9d 29 4c e0 36 27

University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science

(Used in some of the Department of Computer Science's services.)

Otaverkko Oy


HIIT IT services has it's own root certificate to be used in some configurations.

  • HIIT ITCA crt pem
    Serial number: AD:FF:21:26:7F:63:D0:BE
    Thumbprint: EC:8B:4A:D2:AA:FC:2C:19:74:53:6F:26:A6:F9:A2:06:DD:73:7A:D3
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